Let’s Stand with Ukraine

I hope this message finds you well. I believe you are as shocked as I am from what is going on in Ukraine. How in our time acts of aggression like this can take place. I condemn this Russian government and those who participated in the barbaric act. Small as it may be, it is my duty to do what ever we can do to stop this insanity and support the Ukrainians in need.

We can do two things:
To become a platform to raise our voice to show solidarity fo Ukraine as well as to reach out to the Russians and Belaruss to let them know of the real atrocity of what is going on and financially support the refugees in any way possible.

This event on the 11th of March, takes place due to the strong resolve of the performers and the organiser to show solidarity for the Ukrainians.

On this occasion all the drinks will be sold ( except for the first toast) and ¥ 1025 will be deducted from every tickets sold. The proceeds will be sent to the Relief fund of the Ukrainian Embassy in Japan.

We hope that you will be with us on the 11th of MARCH to STAND with UKRAINE !

With all the best wishes
For peace in Ukraine
Nakako Watanabe
MCS Young Artists